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Ask yourself these four important questions:

1. Am I serious about sports or horse racing investment?
2. Do I have the time or expertise to do a thorough analysis prior to investing?
3. Am I willing to be a disciplined investor?
4. Do I want to maximize my return on investment?

If you are serious about making money on your investment, Uncle Harry is the sports and horse racing handicapping and investment company for you!

Uncle Harry provides valuable and timely analysis and handicapping for all major sporting events, including HORSE RACING, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, SOCCER, HOCKEY and BASEBALL. We are among the best in the business in obtaining and analyzing all available team-focused market information, statistics and current trends. We have numerous confidential contacts in college and professional sports that we have cultivated from a combined 40+ years of industry experience. Our network of sources and connections continually provide us with the most up to date information available. Our information and experience are second to none. We work with our clients with the highest level of respect and honesty.

At Uncle Harry, we understand that proper money management is crucial for you to maximize profits for your long-range success. How you choose to manage your money is an integral part of your investment strategy. There is risk in sports investing and we work with you to educate you on the principles of sound money management. We advise you not to look for the quick score where the odds are against you and to never bet beyond your means.

The majority of the betting public are uneducated players. This may be fine for the casual gambler with the goal of enjoying the game more when money is wagered. However, a serious sports investor must treat it as any other business venture. Sports investing is definitely not a "get rich quick" scheme. Establishing a winning goal can be as important as a loss limit. We advise you to set limits.

Determining the appropriate bet size can be difficult. You need to consider that your cash is your inventory and your goal is to bet enough to maximize your winnings while keeping enough in reserve to withstand a losing streak. Don't throw your money away; seek the best professional advice available.

The bottom line is to win more than you lose. Successful sports & Horse Racing investing requires a long term, disciplined approach to meet investment goals. It is similar to high risk investments through your stockbroker. It is possible to make a good return on investment (ROI) through sports investing. If you follow our proven system, we believe your return will far outweigh the risk. Uncle Harry looks forward to providing you with the best sports information and investing service on the Internet. We are dedicated to our customers satisfaction.




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Slugger Joe Keeps on Sluggin - Pluggin- and CA$HING

And He's up again with the bags AND his pockets FULL

It's time to BLAST the ball out of here and CASH ONCE AGAIN!!!

Thursday Night Baseball BACK-TO-BACK Ballers Club Play.






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