Buffalo Bills Seek New Running Back Amidst a Setback

Buffalo Bills Seek New Running Back Amidst a Setback

Setback Challenges the Bills

The Buffalo Bills face a significant challenge as they strive to find a replacement for their injured running back, Nyheim Hines. Hines sustained a severe knee injury during a Jet Ski accident, sidelining him for the entire season. In response to this setback, the Bills have swiftly arranged tryouts to identify a suitable candidate.

Candidates Under the Spotlight

In a meticulous evaluation during Monday’s tryout session, the Bills’ coaching staff scrutinized three running backs:

Darryton Evans

Darryton Evans, a 2020 third-round draft pick of the Tennessee Titans, briefly played with the team before joining the Chicago Bears last year. Despite limited playing time, he demonstrated promise with 30 carries for 125 yards.

Kylin Hill

Formerly associated with the Carolina Panthers, Kylin Hill had modest production, recording 11 carries for 31 yards over two years. His potential caught the attention of the Bills’ coaching staff.

Abram Smith

Abram Smith boasts a unique experience, having spent time with the New Orleans Saints and the XFL earlier this year. Although relatively new to the NFL, his tenure in the XFL refined his skills as a running back.

Selection Criteria

The Bills’ coaching staff is meticulously assessing each candidate, considering their playing style, strengths, adaptability to offensive strategies, and compatibility with the roster.

Emphasizing Versatility

Beyond running abilities, the chosen running back must excel in pass protection and receiving skills to enhance the team’s offensive flexibility.

Optimism Prevails

Despite Hines’ injury, the Bills maintain a positive outlook and embrace the challenges ahead. The management, coaches, and players are committed to achieving continued success this season.

Thoughtful Decision-Making

The Bills’ decision-makers are carefully weighing their options, selecting the best fit for the team’s long-term prospects. The coaching staff is focused on optimizing performance and preparation.


The Buffalo Bills actively pursue a new running back, gaining valuable insights from the tryouts. Despite setbacks, the team remains dedicated to bolstering the roster for a successful NFL campaign.

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