Dallas Cowboys’ Unexpected Move: Acquiring Trey Lance


Dallas Cowboys’ Unexpected Move: Acquiring Trey Lance

In a surprising turn of events, the Dallas Cowboys have made a significant trade, adding Trey Lance to their roster, despite having Dak Prescott firmly established as their starting quarterback. This unexpected decision has raised eyebrows across the NFL community, leaving many to ponder the team’s motivation behind this move.

Jerry Jones’ Post-Game Explanation

Following a successful preseason finale, where the Cowboys secured a convincing 31-16 victory against the Las Vegas Raiders, team owner Jerry Jones shed light on the rationale behind acquiring Trey Lance, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Jones emphasized the importance of having a developmental option in the quarterback position.

“He gives us an opportunity to do what we’ve always aspired to do,” Jones stated during the post-game interview. “It would be ideal to have a young, promising, and developing quarterback in the room alongside Dak.”

The Trade Details

The Cowboys executed the trade by sending a fourth-round draft pick to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for Trey Lance. Notably, Lance was recently designated as the third-string quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, losing the backup role to the experienced veteran, Sam Darnold. While Trey Lance possesses a myriad of physical attributes desired in quarterbacks, including size, athleticism, speed, and arm strength, his NFL journey has been marred by injuries and a lack of on-field experience. His 2022 season was cut short due to a season-ending broken ankle in just the second game. Lance’s pass attempts have been limited, with only 420 passes thrown since the start of the 2018 season, dating back to his collegiate days at North Dakota State.

“We had a positive evaluation of Trey during the draft,” Jones continued. “We felt confident based on the tape we’ve seen since he joined the NFL. Our decision to acquire him was swift, almost immediate upon hearing his name.”

The Conversation with Dak Prescott

Interestingly, Jerry Jones did not consult with Dak Prescott regarding this trade. As of Saturday night, he had not yet communicated with the Cowboys’ two-time Pro Bowl quarterback about the acquisition.

“I understand that they’re likely operating on a specific timeline,” Prescott remarked after the game. “They needed to make a move. He [Jerry Jones] believes that Trey’s addition strengthens our team. I’m prepared to welcome him.”

Trey Lance’s NFL Journey

Trey Lance’s stint in San Francisco was marked by limited playing time, with only eight games and four starts over two seasons. He completed 54.9% of his passes, accumulating 797 yards, contributing five touchdowns, and encountering three interceptions. Additionally, he showcased his mobility by rushing for 235 yards and securing a touchdown. Trey Lance is now entering the third season of his rookie contract, which is fully guaranteed, with a fifth-year option available.

The Cowboys’ Approach to Developing Quarterbacks

The Cowboys originally drafted Dak Prescott in 2016. Executive Vice President Stephen Jones revealed that the team had expressed interest in selecting developmental quarterbacks in recent drafts. However, they refrained from making early investments that exceeded their projected draft positions.

“The challenge we faced was that we assigned third- and fourth-round grades to certain quarterbacks, but they were all off the board by the middle of the second round,” Stephen Jones explained. “This opportunity, in terms of value, was too enticing to pass up. We believe Trey Lance has a promising future, and we’re placing our trust in our initial assessment of him.”

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