The Significance of Day 2 and 3 Selections in the NFL Draft

The Impact of Day 2 and 3 Picks in the NFL Draft


The NFL draft spotlight initially focuses on the top picks. However, the players selected further down the board later shape our understanding of the event.

First-Round Selections

After the 2023 NFL draft, attention will remain on the first-round selections. Some players show immediate potential.

Day 2 and 3 Hidden Gems

But a few Day 2 or 3 picks could offer significant value. Here are players ranked by impact:

  1. Michael Mayer, TE, Las Vegas Raiders (second round)

    Amid the hoopla about this deep class of tight ends, Mayer stood out despite not being a Day 1 pick. His landing with the Raiders, known for their reliance on tight ends, is a perfect fit. Dubbed “Baby Gronk,” Mayer brings reliable hands and a strong presence in the passing game, poised to make a significant impact even without reaching the heights of Kelce or Kittle.

  2. Brian Branch, CB/S, Detroit Lions (second round)

    Branch’s selection reset the tone for the Lions’ draft class. Though not a typical top defensive back, his on-field performance speaks volumes. Known for erasing big plays and solid tackling, Branch is a steal in a draft lacking difference-makers, making the Lions fortunate with their fourth pick.

  3. Clark Phillips III, CB, Atlanta Falcons (fourth round)

    Atlanta’s offensive focus made Phillips’ selection all the more valuable. Despite size and speed concerns, the unanimous All-American excels in slot coverage, displaying agility and expertise. Quarterbacks testing him risk witnessing his six interceptions and remarkable closing speed.

  4. O’Cyrus Torrence, Buffalo Bills (second round)

    Buffalo’s securing of Torrence in the second round was a steal. The overpowering 6-5, 330-pounder strengthens the run game and provides immediate support for Josh Allen, addressing the line’s regression from the previous season.

  5. Josh Downs, WR, Indianapolis Colts (third round)

    Reggie Wayne’s endorsement adds weight to Downs’ potential. The Colts wide receiver coach and former Pro Bowl selection championed the North Carolina speedster. Despite size concerns, Downs could form an electric connection with rookie QB Anthony Richardson, making him a promising addition.


The NFL draft is a captivating event where talent is unearthed and futures are shaped. While the spotlight often shines on the early picks, hidden gems emerge from the later rounds, defying expectations and leaving their mark on the league. These Day 2 and 3 selections possess the potential to become valuable contributors, offering teams tremendous value beyond their draft position. As the seasons unfold, seeing how these under-the-radar players flourish will be intriguing, proving that true talent can be found throughout the entire draft. The NFL draft continues to be a platform where dreams come true, and these hidden gems exemplify the excitement and unpredictability that makes it such a cherished event. For football packages, visit https://harryspicks.com/football-packages/. Get our free picks by SMS at https://harryspicks.com/sms-text/.

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